Players of Utica partners with organizations from all over Central New York to provide first-class entertainment with Players To-Go!  

We have a wide range of “road-ready” productions that are available to bring to your venue. Productions vary from musicals, dinner theatre, educational workshops, dramas and scenes.  

For additional information: Call 315-724-7624


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the price for a Players To-Go production?
    - Prices vary on the production and the venue. Please call 315-724-7624 to discuss pricing.

  • Do all of your productions include audience participation?
    - Not all do. We have a wide range of productions available for you to choose from. All can be adapted to your needs and include audience participation or not.

  • How long are the productions?
    - Productions vary based on your selection. We have programs that will range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

  • What is our groups responsibility?
    - That all depends on what you are looking for! Basically, you will be responsible for planning the event and selling tickets. Of course, we can help you plan the event, advertise the event and promote ticket sales.

  • We've never done anything like this. What assistance  is available from Players of Utica to help us plan our event?
    - See above . . . we will be there to guide you through every step of the way!

  • How much should we charge our patrons?
    - That all depends on many factors. You should first consider your goals for the event. Is the goal to simply have a good time or to raise funds? Either way, we'd love to talk to you about it and help you decide how much to charge.

  • How far in advance should we book our event?
    - Players To Go will need at least 6 weeks to prepare for your event. This will allow us time to rehearse and allow you time to properly promote the event.

Sample titles of our available productions:

  • Honeymoon from Hell

    • Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong aboard the S.S. Amore, a not so luxurious honeymoon cruise liner! Captain Della Robia doing his best to calm the passengers along with the assistance of cruise director Gina. It's talent night aboard the Amore and Gina recruits audience members to participate in a karaoke contest. Just when it looks as though the cruise won't be a total disaster, someone is murdered! The suspects include the honeymooners, the crew.

  • Phantom of the (your venue or group name here)

    • It's the out-of-town audition for yet another production of "Phantom". The producer, Clinton Slade, is attempting to keep peace and mollify the artistic force behind the production, the genius impresario, Marco Virelli. Marco is being his usual temperamental and difficult self. He is imperious with his sister, Theresa, his wife, Alexis, and his boorish brother-in-law, Timmy. Maria, the ingénue, is the only one with whom he has any patience. Producer Slade watches as his show, and his investment, go down the drain after one of the principal players is murdered! Among the suspects is another "Phantom" - the one that haunts your location and is seen and heard, in glimpses, throughout the performance.

  • The Curse of the Hopeless Diamond

    • Reginald Potter has his hands full. For one thing, his wife, Daphne, wants to review her Vegas career bankrolled by Reggie's money. Unfortunately, he has no money - us the famous, fabulous and very cursed Potter Diamond. you would think Reggie could count on the security team he has hired to guard the jewel - and protect him from the curse. But they seem to be less than competent! Basil Benchley recounts past cases while overlooking the evidence tight under his nose. Felicity Crump rocks and knits slipper-socks for her "boys in the slammer" - criminals she's apprehended. Kelly Boggs, the world's oldest teenage detective, is obsessed with forensics. Harry Dinker is too busy changing into various disguises to guard the diamond and protect Reggie. Will Reggie survive the evening? Will the Diamond be stolen? Will the gypsy curse on the Potter Diamond claim another victim?

  • Trouble at the Tropicabana

    • Take a walk down memory lane with familiar characters! Latin music, food and tropical drinks will set the stage for a fantastic evening at Ricky's Club as he gets ready to sign a contract with movie mogul heiress, Cecilia B. DeMilo. Is Cecelia who she claim to be? Will Lucy and Ethel ruin Ricky's big chance with a harebrained scheme to get into show business? What is notorious gangster, Mr. Big, doing at Ricky's club? And who committed the murder? - that's right, the murder!!

  • Trifles by Susan Glaspell

    • Based on actual events that occurred in Iowa at the turn of the century, Trifles is a murder mystery that explores gender relationships, power between the sexes, and the nature of truth. Farmer John Wright has been found murdered in his bed. The likely suspect is his wife, Minnie Wright. While the men bluster and tramp around the farmhouse searching for clues, the women discover bits of evidence in the "trifles" of a farmer's wife - her baking, cleaning, and sewing. Because the men virtually ignore the women's world, they remain blind to the truth before their eyes. This one-act play is an excellent example of early feminist drama.

  • Girls Night Out (music, comedy, drama)

    • A collection of music and monologue relevant to women. Don't be fooled by the title - men will love this production as well!