Learn more about our newest program for area youth!

  introducing OUR NEWEST PROGRAM! 

A music education program
for minority and low-income area youth
Our Mission:
  • To offer quality music instruction to low-income and minority youth.
  • Increase the number of young people who participate in music throughout and beyond high school.
  • Decrease high-school drop-out rates.
  • Improve chances of participants to enter into collegiate music programs through mentorship.
  • To provide participants with opportunities to serve the community through public performance.

Program Overview:

  • Modeled after the successful Signature Syracuse program founded by Dr. Richard Ford, Professor at Syracuse University
  • Reverend Dr. Mary Webster is the founder of the College Bound Musicians locally. Reverend Webster has been an advocate for youth throughout her career
  • Students will be pre-screened and must agree to the guidelines set forth by the Advisory Committee
  • Participants will attend formal, after-school music instruction classes weekly with the instrument of their choice
  • Parents and guardians must agree to support the child fully and allow for and encourage rehearsal time while at home

Our Vision:

To teach discipline through music education. By building the discipline it takes to learn a musical instrument, we believe that participants will likely become better students. Local media outlets report that all too often there are young people who are headed down a road of self and community destruction. It is the hope that the COLLEGE BOUND MUSICIANS (CBM) program will help to re-center the individual towards a more productive future. If we help just one individual, that one is worth it.

Program Components:

  • Provision of well-maintained instruments donated by the community.
  • Big Apple Music and K-Music have agreed to function as collection sites and do any necessary repairs to the donated instruments.
  • Musical instrument lessons and/or vocal lessons (as needed) for minority and low-income students, grades 7-12 at no cost to the student or their family.
  • Opportunities for students to offer community service through public performance at a variety of venues.  (Churches, MVCC, Utica Monday Night, MWPAI, and Players of Utica)
  • Broaden career options for participating youth - recognized through college visits, planning support, and mentorship.
  • Parental or guardian by-in and involvement by attending performances, assuring students meet rehearsal schedules, and participating in college planning workshops.
Program Funding:
Funding for the program is expected to come from a variety of sources:
  • Fundraising events organized by the CBM Advisory Board and volunteers
  • Community donations in the form of monetary or gently used instruments
  • Business and individual sponsorship of events and performances hosted by CBM
  • Private and public grants

Funding Use:

Although CBM is making every effort to keep costs to a minimum, we
understand that there be will some program costs incurred. Funds and items received will be used in a variety of ways:
  • Procurement of musical instruments, as needed, should a particular desired instrument not be available from donations received.
  • Fees paid to music instructors
  • Refreshments and snacks made available during after-school instruction
  • Grant funding will be sought for the direct benefit of the participants (items above) and also for completion/improvements to the Players of Utica Theatre (the home to the College Bound Musicians program)
Program instruction and instruments are provided
NO COST to participating youth or their families!

How can you help?

  • Support CBM with a monetary donation
  • Support CBM with the donation of a gently used instrument
  • Recommend a young person to participate in the program
  • Become an instructor
  • Volunteer to be a part of the plan – get involved!
To support College Bound Musicians
Send Monetary donations to:

Players of Utica/CBM
PO Box 29
New Hartford, NY 13413
(Make checks payable to Players of Utica – in the memo write “CBM”)

Volunteer your time:

Call Reverend Mary Webster

Musical Instrument donation drop-off sites:

Big Apple Music
Big Apple Music Plaza
Seneca Turnpike
New Hartford, NY 13413
K-Music Plaza
Mohawk Street
Utica, NY 13501